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Special Blog: Abbreviations

Good evening!

This is a special blog to tell you something about the abbreviations in the Maritime World and the port of Zeebrugge!

What is the difference between MV, MS RMS and CS?

MV and MS

MV (Motor Vessel) or MS (Motor Ship) is a ship propelled by an internal combustion engine. The names of motor ships are often prefixed with: MS, M/S, MV, M/V.

MS Fram


A Royal Mail Ship is a ship owned by a company that is under a postal contract. Therefore, it has to make a certain number of crossings within one year. A good example is the Queen Mary 2 (Cunard Line).
RMS Queen Mary 2


CS (Club Ship) is used for passenger with the so called 'Club Concept'.This concept includes that all passengers are free to do whatever they want and are not bound to any restrictions. An example of that are the free dining oppirtunities in all of the restaurants and that there are no gala evenings.

Abbreviations in the Port Of Zeebrugge

This part is about the abbreviations that we're using when announcing a ship!

  Date                    Vessel                     Terminal                 ETA                 ETD
../../....                   Ventura                     ZK 702                 06:00               17:30

Date: The date of arrival
Vessel: Vessel(s) Docked that day.
Terminal: The terminal
  • ZK = Zweedse Kaai, for vessels up to 400 meters 
  • HM= Harbour Mole, for vessels up to 200 meters.
ETA: Estimated time of arrival
ETD: Estimated time of departure

This was the short blog about some abbreviations used on the website / in the maritime world!

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