woensdag 5 december 2012

Non-Cruise: Cargo ship sinking after colission on the North Sea!

A cargo ship is sinking after a colission on the North Sea. The colission happend about 100km from the coast of Rotterdam. The coast guard started immediately a rescue operation. It isn't clear of there are people in a dangerous situation.

The sinking ship is the car carrier Baltic Ace, she sails under the flag of the Bahama's. Around 19.15 o'clock, she collided in the dutch waters with the containership Corvus J, from Cyprus. The reason is unknown.

A few helicopters, 2 rescueships, 2 navyships and one pilotship are underway to the place of colission.

The Baltic Ace left Zeebrugge for Kotka (Finland), The Corvus J was underway from Grangemouth (Scotland) to Antwerp.
Place of colission is marked with a yellow flag (on the left).
Baltic Ace in better times.

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